pa ra pa ra digm mall !

( peh reh dig gmmm mall) HAHA.

went to paradigm mall to check out the NEW MALL near KJ with JamesLeeHanJie.

james's late lunch in BK. Ken Vyn met up with us later!

this is james.

bought 2 packets of chocolate flavoured popcorn from planet popcorn.
one for MunTheng because she's crazy over it! and i wanted to try the choc one..
its not that nice for me, i still prefer the caramel one :)

huge flying ballooooonss.


photo BOMBED ! i iz DOESNT know jamie went in lol.

much better..
 and DID YOU KNOW THAT famous amos sells ice cream too?

james was suppose to get the balloon for me and he ended up popping it.

i hate clowns, dont you?

sooo yeah..i got three balloons from james and ken vyn.. lol.

you damn stupid! AHAHAH.

-jasmine kweh.

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