pa ra pa ra digm mall !

( peh reh dig gmmm mall) HAHA.

went to paradigm mall to check out the NEW MALL near KJ with JamesLeeHanJie.

james's late lunch in BK. Ken Vyn met up with us later!

this is james.

bought 2 packets of chocolate flavoured popcorn from planet popcorn.
one for MunTheng because she's crazy over it! and i wanted to try the choc one..
its not that nice for me, i still prefer the caramel one :)

huge flying ballooooonss.


photo BOMBED ! i iz DOESNT know jamie went in lol.

much better..
 and DID YOU KNOW THAT famous amos sells ice cream too?

james was suppose to get the balloon for me and he ended up popping it.

i hate clowns, dont you?

sooo yeah..i got three balloons from james and ken vyn.. lol.

you damn stupid! AHAHAH.

-jasmine kweh.

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ALL of Last Week & This Week in ONE.

18th May 2012

Chong came over to my place after his tuition to chill for awhile 
then he drove us to Publica later.
nice mall. :) <--- (freaky red eye smiley..HAHA) anyways..

this is Publica!

According to CHZ, you can make your own burger here. 

world most eaten meat?


c o l o u r f u l

the maze......just to get to Bestari..

to get this...HAHA.
took a bite of it, it was okay.

One of theNights.

went to starbucks to to meet up with michele and chong ;)
we were supposed to be studying...
we ended up playing scary online games,
chilling on the couch, talking about satanic stuff.. -,-
camwhoring and irritating chong. LOL.

Michele ! ;)


HI ;)

he suddenly merajuk, giving us the cold treatment LOL.
he damn dumb ! HAHA.

ahem. one of the things we did to annoy chong.

we both went down to get ''his doughtnut''..
we came back with EXTRA 3.

after starbucks, i wanted to go home coz i supeeeerr sleepy and was having some imba monster cramps but MICHELE & CHONG were super sweet because they wanted to me to stay and they offered to send me home. aww... louder ''AWWWW's'' for my loving pigs please ;)
THANK YOU MICH for driving me back home and CHONG for temaning !


during the movie, every few minutes, we couldnt kept saying that this movie was a JOKE.
LOL. and i fell asleep for awhile. its worst than paranormal activity.

One of theNights 2.

went to DesaParkCity with chong, ai peng and mun theng for dinner and maily..
for DESSERT. had dinner in The Steamboat Ketam Village.

the BEST dessert in the world!
milk + oreo in fahrenheit 32. walked around the park then we wanted to go for second round...
and we saw the shop hald chong...

chong : can we still order?
shopkeeper : sorry.. we are closed already *friendly smile*
peng, mun & i : HAHAHAHAHA no dignity de laaah.

yes, we went back for second round.

17th May 2012 

texted chz if he wanted to teman me to OU to get some stuff, 
and he said alright then peng tagged along!

had lunch in Hokkaido Sushi which is exactly the same as Sushi Zanmai.
that day, after 92489492348 years.. chong finally discovered the beautiful taste of the precious TAMAGO MENTAI.
BEN DAN number ONE.

Mothers Day
Sally Jie Jie sent a bouquet of flowers over for theMother.

one of the Sundays after church

ai peng's gay keychains! HAHA. both males. 

-jasmine kweh.

may 17th 2012

oh boy, so many things happened on that day.  two hours of sleep the night before and i jerked up thinking i was late. Received a text from the birthday boy saying he couldnt make it to college...

felt kinda lost so i just drove to DU, wondermilk to go collect his birthday cake and they had problems with the oven, so they asked me to come back in 20 minutes time. Super zha dou. *stabs self*

so i drove back home got ready and all, then drove out again to collect the cake.
got a 4 maxi cupcakes from them because they knew they were sorry, awwhh :}
bu i gave them all to samuel ! haha.

the incomplete birthday board for david.. :/ 
but the notes were all filled up before giving it to him except for that empty space on the right because najeems note fell off and its with jian nee now lol.

and i feel damn dumb for writing that the first sentence!
the surprise plan was cancelled and i wrote that the night before and i had totally forgotten about it.

the paul frank bag to put the prezzie in :)

 the birthday gift! stormtrooper clock.

Arsenal theme cupcakes.

the cupcakes they gave to compensate my loss of time? hahhahaha :p

party spraysssss ~

part of the surprise,  but since the bday boy couldnt make it, i gave it all to him lol.

-jasmine kweh.

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