a little something from my old blog ;)

its been awhile since i last blogged but HEY! im back :)
some of the picture from mua's old blog. *points at blog title*
M E O R I E S :')


made this in highschool ;)

drying ourselves in the playground after a water balloon fight :P

when Michele and Chong were studying in MCD.
chong accidentally torn mich's chemistry book cover off.

form 5.
studying history in genting highlands 
*slaps forehead*
what were wet hinking of?

3 VS 1. 
clubhouse in sierramas.

been awhile since we all last went back there.

miss pageant no.18 :P
sexyy leggss kekekeke.
CHONG is like SUPER SKINNY in this pic.

my cute little puppy that looks like bear.

water balloon fight.
it was raining heavily and we were lying down on the road posing at the camera.
after we got up and went in the house, a police car passed by.
and i took this pic while james was choosing a christmas gift for his brodaa i think with mich in OU.
i do not know what i was thinking when i edited the pic at that time kayh :p

christmas gifts for my besties pigs :)

SPM time. michele.

silver airplanes dance prac.

my rose tattoo. <3

water balloon at aipeng's place.

i miss my brodaaa.

davidTham building a castle for himself. LOL.

sleepover partaayyy. aipeng and i behind still feeling sleepy.

a very goofy picture of us. hahaha.

zhenming and foo foo ;)

the day we took LRT to KL.

baby james lim and mua, now he is all grown up!

world ugliest sushi ever.
i had problem cutting it -,-

dessert at BR with TAP.

one of the craziest night ever with muntheng!
the next day, we almost died becoz of something we did.
but thanks for temaning me ;)

my kindergarten picture! hehee, im the one on the right next to ma teacher.

port dickson with MLLF.

lantern festival, chong and i played with lanterns in my uncle's place with crystal baby :p

sorry for the super disguting picture. hahha
exhaust pipe accident -.-

high school
michjoey and mun theng.

my 18th birthday when i had chicken pox, 
besties pigs came and surprised me at my place. ;)

fireworrrkkssssss :)))

feeding some fished with jamie boy in DU.

david archuleeeeetaaaaaaaa.
hsu zen and james were big fans, so we went into speedy
and asked them if we could have the poster and they said yes. 

joey jong, the night before we all went.....
somewhere ;)

when max came over, showered him.

i was emo ing in school, hahah kidding.
i shyyy.

the doode from ripleys believe it or not in genting.

i was really young when i did this pic in paint okayy.

graduation night :)

chong's green tea tarik skillz.

when moneyy boy got attacked from another dog. ;(

i used to think james looks super good in this pic.

hahahah punching game! my broz handsome face.

im so cute right with my rainbow leopard make up.

a siberian husky was roaming around aimlessly nearby my area so i took it around for awhile till de owner came back to collect it.

my black puppy :p the face looks so stoned hahah.

ICC concert.
my purple hairrr.

Kuala Lumpur.

cloud 9 club in genting. rainbow lighttsss ;)
i did not go in ;)

fireworkssss :)

chz sweet 16.

penang trip with da family.

mhmm, i shall stop here ;)
btw, blog still under construction. 
hope ya had fun looking at the pictures, 
-jasmine kweh.

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