Phone Pic.

uploading a few pictures which i have never uploaded before on FB or anywhere else.

when we were forced to go to lakeside.
michele had exam the next day summore.

christmas cards i made for the close ones last year ;)

im bringing this big goof of mine back in july ;)

the birthday card i got from him. HAHA, the cat so diva. LOL. 

in the making of Niroshah's birthday board :P

my partner in crime in college :)

she tied all the cherry stem with her tongue. her crazy awesome skills !

hahaha, stoooooooooopid book.

 my highest score in temple run. dont laugh pls, at least i got to a million. keke.

 laughed so hard when i saw what that dude type. he damn funny and damn bad also HAHA.

David's hand. 
 pasted two white pieces of paper on his hand then i told him to wet it a bit when he went to the toilet and he did it. i removed the paper and when he saw the tattoo...
he was like :O :O :O

one of my 19th pic with the besties :)

pictures for one of michele's birthday gift :)

see the bandage on his finger? 
i ter scratched ians finger with my nails and it bleed! LOL. 

rainbow poop!

in i city with aipeng, random night we didnt know what to do.
she made me sit the ferris wheel! i almost died inside there.
sat super still, frozen.

had my revenge by making her sit on the flying swing thingy! HAHA, pig.

just a short update ;)
- jasmine kweh.

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